Sheikh Assim Al Hakeem on murtadd

Sheikh Assim Al Hakeem answers the issue of the punishment of apostasy from Islam in a clear and concise manner for everyone to understand.

00:43 When dealing with a relative who has committed apostasy, Muslims should express their refusal of the act, hate apostasy, and openly reject it.
01:16 There are no longer pledges of allegiance or familial ties between a Muslim and a relative who has apostatized from Islam.
02:00 If there is hope that the apostate relative may return to Islam, it is permissible to visit them, offer advice, and even give gifts with the intention of helping them rediscover Islam.
02:41 If the apostate relative remains defiant and shows no inclination to return to Islam, it may be advisable to sever all connections with them, especially if it could make them reconsider their actions.
03:10 Love and connection with family and kin are based on their obedience to Allah; however, if they commit apostasy, it severs all connections as per Islamic guidance.

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